Foundation: 1984

Place: Gama - Distrito Federal - Brazil

Current members
Gilmar (bass and vocals), Virgilio (guitar and vocals)

Band goals: To warn and fight against environmental crimes and to combat capitalism, supporting the idea of a permanent fight against social and political problems, that, as they seem to be considered basically the same all over the world, justify the use of different languages in their lyrics (English, Portuguese, Spanish, German), a hallmark characteristic of the band since its foundation.



1986 - Split LP “Ataque às hordas do poder”. Issued by Devil Discos, and with the band still called Stuhlzäpchen Von N, is the first existing record of a hardcore band in central Brazil. After that, the band changed its  name to ARD (After Radioactive Destruction) to make the pronunciation and the writing easier.


1988 - LP “Causas para Alarme”, Issued by Devil Discos. Thi work is praised throughout the underground world press. Once this first issue was sold out, a few copies are sold nowadays with very high prices in the used LP market. In 2007, a local label, GBG, acquired the rights to press on CD format.


1993 - 7” EP “My Brazil: better 4 than nothing”, issued by SubWay Rock Records. Despite not being issued by Alternative Tentacles, Jello Biafra, former lead singer of the Dead Kennedys and label owner, wrote a letter to the band praising its work.


2007 - CD “Síndrome do Emputecimento Progressivo” Issued by the label Alea Distro, featuring Rodrigão (ex- PUS) and Felipe CDC (Revolutionary Terror and Death Slam). This work is kind of an open letter of protest to the great evil that plagues mankind. Everyone is about to explode and the syndrome reaches its apex when the violence raises in a chain reaction.  


2009 - Split CD “VIDA PUNK”, with Phobia Punk Rockers – an excellent job, distributed in Japan, USA and Europe, with great acceptance by the public.



Future releases

Split CD – “Brothers in Boots”, with Rattus (Finland), by GBG Records.

Musical projects:

2006 - CD 1 da série: HONRA AO MÉRITO, 13 bands from Brasilia underground scene playing their own versions of ARD songs.

Compilation albums

1997 - Cult 22 10 anos - “Cruelty” unreleased song.

1998 - Traidô – RDP tribute, playing the song “Amazônia nunca mais”.

2006 - Cult 22 - Tributo ao Rock Brasília, playing the song “Sub Raça”  from the band Câmbio Negro. ARD is also honored by the band Under Skin Crowler with the song "Terremoto".

2007 - Faces do Chaos, CDR split with 4 bands. Issued in 2007, only in Portugal.

2008 - Tributo ao Besthöven, with the song “Frio Sinistro”. This CD was also issued in Peru.

2008 - Soundtrack for the film Bomb it! - V/A, issued in Los Angeles - USA. About Grafitti, issued worldwide, with the song “ARD”, English version. The famous Sobre a arte do Grafitti, lançado em cadeia mundial, com a música “ARD” versão em inglês. The famous Rage Against the Machine also participates in the compilation with a song.

CD 2 from the series Honra ao Mérito - Tributo ao Death Slam, with the song “Suas Guerras” . Soon !!!

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Here are some of the bands that we have produced and/or shared the stage to celebrate ARD birthdays

FORÇA MACABRA – Finland (2007)
RATTUS – Finland (2007)

HOLOCAUSTO – Minas Gerais (2007)
LOBOTOMIA – São Paulo (2007) 
KUOLEMA – Finland (2008)
CÓLERA – São Paulo (2008)
CIVIL OLYDNAD – Sweden (2009)
PHOBIA PUNK ROCKERS – São Paulo (2009)
STOMA – Holand (2010)
EXPURGO – Minas Gerais (2010)
SEE YOU IN HELL - Czech Republic (2010)
RATTUS – Finland (2012) 
STEVE DREWETT- England (2014)
TERVET KADETT- Finland (2014)
OVERLOADED – Czech Republic (2014)
DOOM – England (2015)
RÖVSVETT – Sweden (2016)